Issue Seventy-Eight

Greetings, and welcome to The /x/ Files, the weekly news digest for 4chan’s Paranormal board. Every Sunday, we take a quick snapshot of the mysterious world around us and bring it, in an easily readable magazine format, to the board. I am The Editor, the anonymous creator of this idea and collector of the news that will be following below. In the interests of legitimacy, I will be using a secure tripcode to post the thread; once the posts are completed, I will take the tripcode off and return to my anonymity.


This Week:

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Table of Contents:

1: Paranormal News of the Week
2: Paranormal Article of the Week
3: Radio Show Roundup
4: Paranormal Podcasts
5: Editor’s Note



Paranormal News of the Week


Major Study Investigates Bee Collapse

The mystery of colony collapse disorder may be one step closer to being solved this week following the most extensive study ever undertaken in to the dangers of neonicotinoid pesticides. The study, which looked at more than 2,000 hectares of Germany, Hungary and the UK, suggested that these common pesticides left honeybee hives with a lower risk of surviving the winter. Bumblebees and solitary bees were also found to produce fewer queens when exposed to it.

“Our findings are a cause for serious concern,” said Professor Richard Pywell from the Center for Ecology and Hydrology in Oxfordshire. “We’ve shown for the first time negative effects of neonicotinoid-coated seed dressings on honeybees and we’ve also shown similar negative effects on wild bees. This is important because many crops globally are insect pollinated and without pollinators we would struggle to produce some foods.”

Neonicotinoids were banned in Europe on a temporary basis back in 2013 due to concerns over their impact on bees and officials are now looking to extend this ban further. Whether these restrictions will be enough to stop the bees’ decline however remains to be seen.

Full Story:


Real-Life Treasure Hunt Claims Second Victim

Two people have died while attempting to track down a $2M haul hidden somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. The treasure, which consists of a bronze chest filled with gold nuggets, ancient artifacts and jewellery, has been hidden at a secret location by 86-year-old art dealer Forrest Fenn. Several people have journeyed in to the mountains in an attempt to claim it for themselves but to date nobody has managed to find it and two people have lost their lives in the process.

The latest victim is 52-year-old Paris Wallace, a pastor from Colorado who sparked a major search and rescue operation after he disappeared during an ill-fated hunt for the treasure. It took multiple helicopters, dog teams and police officers to eventually locate his remains. His death comes one year after another Colorado resident – Randy Bilyeu – also died while searching for the treasure in a remote part of New Mexico.

Authorities have appealed to Fenn to retrieve the chest before anyone else dies looking for it, however he has so far refused to do so and seems unlikely to change his mind. “It is always tragic when someone dies, and this latest loss hit me very hard,” he said. “Life is too short to wear both a belt and suspenders. If someone drowns in the swimming pool we shouldn’t drain the pool, we should teach people to swim.”

Full Story:


EPA Approves Monsanto’s Genetically Engineered Pesticide

RNA interference, or RNAi, is the process by which a species is genetically modified to turn off one specific gene while leaving other species unharmed. Plants and animals naturally use this process to “silence” their own genes. With Monsanto and Dow’s genetically modified corn, the “pesticide” is actually silencing a gene in another living organism, the western corn rootworm. Rather than modifying itself, it modifies its environment.

During the approval process, the EPA only allowed for 15 days of public comment, and the agency did not post its proposed decision in the Federal Register. And it’s not the first time the EPA has approved pesticides quietly like this. The Center for Food Safety, along with other groups, vocally opposed apple and potato crops previously modified through RNAi. Bill Freese, CFS’s science policy analyst, argues the unprecedented use of RNAi as insecticide should have merited more public scrutiny. “There’s a faddish interest in the latest technology,” He said. “It often neglects the basic issues of the unhealthy practices used in planting corn.”

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Paranormal Article of the Week


When the Beast of Gévaudan Terrorized France

The monster’s first victim was Jeanne Boulet, a 14-year-old girl watching her sheep. Her death was followed by others, almost exclusively women and children. Throughout 1764, the brutal attacks—victims with their throats torn out or heads gnawed off—riveted France. The violence was so shocking, news of it traveled from the countryside all the way to the royal palace in Versailles. What was this beast of Gévaudan, and who could stop its reign of terror?

Gévaudan, a region in southern France (in modern-day Lozère), was just as mysterious as its monster. “It had the reputation for being a remote, isolated backwater where the forces of nature had not been full tamed, where the forests were indeed enchanted,” says Jay M. Smith, a historian and the author of Monsters of the Gévaudan: The Making of a Beast. “It’s fascinating, it’s powerful, it’s scary, it’s sublime.”

It was the perfect place for a Grimm-like fairy tale starring a possibly supernatural creature. But for villagers under attack, reality was more brutal than any book. In three years time, the beast racked up nearly 300 victims, and its legacy lasted long beyond the 18th century.

Full Article:



Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Monday: Physics & the Universe/Secret Documents

In the first half, theoretical physicist Sean Carroll discussed the latest on the Higgs boson, extra dimensions, and our deepest questions about our place in the universe. In the latter half, John Greenewald, Jr. shared what he’s found lately in his FOIA requests, including interesting documents from the US Forest Service and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.


Tuesday: CIA Torture/Edgar Cayce’s Readings

In the first half, former CIA operative and senior investigator for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee John Kiriakou, and prizewinning journalist Joseph Hickman, shed light on America’s war on terror, revealing how captives like Abu Zubaydah are held under shadowy circumstances. In the latter half, educator, psychologist, and author Mark Thurston addressed Edgar Cayce’s wealth of intuitive readings on such subjects as health, spirituality, and dreams.


Wednesday: Drone Wars/Lost Civilizations & Antarctica

In the first half, former intelligence analyst Brett Velicovich outlined the US military’s evolution in the last ten years including drone technology, and what’s under development. In the latter half, clairvoyant, historian and symbolic cosmologist Tricia McCannon spoke about the evidence for world-wide advanced ancient civilizations in locations including Atlantis and Antarctica.


Thursday: Cattle Mutilations & Strange Sightings

Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed an alleged 1989 Defense Intelligence Agency document; new cattle mutilations in Colorado; the intelligence and fragility of bird species; and morphing and screen memories associated with UFO sightings and abductions.


Friday: Travel & the Paranormal

Author and certified hypnotist Rosemary Ellen Guiley shared true tales of travelers around the world who are suddenly faced with ghosts, paranormal phenomena, unusual synchronicities, time slips, and how travel can open doors to the unknown. Open Lines followed.




Paranormal Podcasts


Last Podcast on the Left: Oklahoma City, Part I: The Day

On the first of a multi-part series on the Oklahoma City bombing, we cover the events of April 19th, 1995, in which a domestic terrorist named Timothy McVeigh parked a 7000 lb truck bomb in front of a federal building in Oklahoma City, OK and detonated it, killing 168 people and injuring over 800.


Oklahoma City, Part II: Noodle McVeigh

On part two of our series we cover the life of Timothy McVeigh from his time as a Burger King employee to his discovery of the Turner Diaries to the possible war crimes he committed during his time in the Army.



Paranormal Podcast: The Church of Jediism

What is the Church of Jediism? Daniel Jones and Loyd Auerbach join us to discuss you and The Force! In part two, Laird Scranton joins us to discuss a little known but fascinating ancient site, Skara Brae.



Mysterious Universe: 17.24

Investigative film maker Jeremy Corbell returns on our final episode of Season 17 to share his latest work and discuss the ever elusive “Phenomenon”. Corbell updates us on his isotope analysis of the strange fragment retrieved from Patient Seventeen’s body, the misdirection and threads of deception within the UFO field, and his brand new project: Hunt the Skinwalker.



Expanded Perspectives:

On this week’s episode of Expanded Perspectives, the guys start the show off talking about how a new design concept that aims to combine the luxury of a hotel room with a high-speed rail system could make traveling between US cities faster and far more comfortable. Then, archaeologists excavating a site in Eastern Ethiopia have found evidence of a mythical “city of giants” which was a thriving center of commerce between the 10th and 15th centuries. Then, on June 7, the couple found a canoe on the river bank in Belcher believed to have been carved from a tree by members of the Caddo tribe more than 900 years ago. After the break, Kyle brings up some unusual sightings that have taken place in some of the world’s deserts. Including giant snakes, phantom stagecoaches and a desert form of Sasquatch.



Astonishing Legends: The Jersey Devil – Prince of the Pine Barrens (Part 2)

Southern New Jersey is steeped in the legend of The Jersey Devil, with the eponymous rascal inspiring everything from the names of businesses to stickers and T-shirts for tourists. But as one “South Jersey” native has informed us, The Pine Barrens themselves may be nothing like what outsiders envision, with most of it being “lush, green and beautiful” and a joy to explore. Also, maybe almost no one from the area believes the myth themselves. However, it seems in the case of the legend of Jersey Devil – there are two distinct yet connected phenomenal elements at play: the ye olde myth, and the otherworldly thing that more than a few people swear they’ve encountered. So what do you say to them? Are you sure all they saw or heard was an owl, a stray African bat, a mutant goat havin’ a laugh, or that good ol’ well-worn chestnut the Sandhill Crane? Because now these accounts become much like any other testimony of the paranormal; those who have not experienced it probably won’t believe it, but those that have can never forget it.



Blurry Photos Podcast: Animals of War

Blurry Photos cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war in an episode all about the interesting and atrocious use of animals of war. Used for millennia in all manner of warfare, animals of war have shown countless examples of historical missteps, weird experiments, and the worst of humanity. People have done terrible things to our furry friends under the guise of ingenuity, and hopefully by examining these acts we can learn from such mistakes and never repeat them. David and Dave discuss the use of such animals as elephants, pigs, cats, moose, and more through history. Want an army of human-ape hybrids? Stalin did. Hear of a terrible beast with a skeletal rider in the American southwest? It may have been there because of Jefferson Davis. What did a dentist have to do with flaming bats? Find out on this fascinating yet melancholy episode of the podcast.



Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know Podcast: Is Money a Religion?

Since before the dawn of recorded history, the power of belief has been a driving force for human civilization. Spiritual movements have risen and fallen, only to be replaced by other belief systems. Today much of the developed world is considered increasingly secular — or is it? Join the guys as they explore the strange and troubling question: What if, instead of becoming less religious, the world has simply switched to another religion… the church of money?



The Higherside Chats Podcast: Tim Swartz | The Inner Earth, Antarctica, & Conspiracy Goodness

Many of us are aware by now that there is a vast array of strings pulled behind the scenes, yet we sometimes get a glimpse into a vast world of mystery that only occasionally bubbles up to the surface. Well, peeling back the curtain has never been easier -and thanks to the work and research of greats like today’s guest, Tim Swartz, we can satiate our appetites with a bountiful Fortean conspiracy smorgasbord. Feast.



The Dark Myths Collective:

We are a group of podcasters dedicated to producing high quality and emotionally power-packed listening experiences. While our shows span the full spectrum of genres from history to fiction to crime stories, what binds them together is that they explore the darker side. This allows you to cross genres and discover podcasts you might not have found.




Editor’s Note:

I’ve recently gotten a new job that will occasionally require me to work on the weekends. If I know the week ahead of time that I won’t be able to push out an issue, I will put that in the Editor’s Note of that week’s issue. Trust me, /x/, I’m not giving up on you.





Until Next Time


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