Issue Thirty-Six

Greetings, and welcome to The /x/ Files, the weekly news digest for 4chan’s Paranormal board. Every Sunday, we take a quick snapshot of the mysterious world around us and bring it, in an easily readable magazine format, to the board. I am The Editor, the anonymous creator of this idea and collector of the news that will be following below. In the interests of legitimacy, I will be using a secure tripcode to post the thread; once the posts are completed, I will take the tripcode off and return to my anonymity.

“It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane.” -Phillip K. Dick

No spoopy stories this week. Real news is so much more fucked up that paranormal news just can’t compete.
Table of Contents:

1: Paranormal Article of the Week
2: Radio Show Roundup
3: Paranormal Podcasts
4: Editor’s Note

Paranormal Article of the Week: Download the Voynich Manuscript
Much of the early history of the Voynich Manuscript is unknown. The first confirmed owner is Georg Baresch, an obscure alchemist from Prague. Baresch was apparently just as puzzled as modern scientists about this “Sphynx” that had been “taking up space uselessly in his library” for many years. A letter he wrote in 1639 is the earliest known mention of the manuscript. After his death, the book traded hands until being given to Athanasius Kircher, a Jesuit scholar from the Collegio Romano; it remained in their library for almost 300 years.

Around 1912, the Collegio Romano was short of money and decided to sell some of its holdings discreetly. Wilfrid Voynich, a Polish book dealer, acquired 30 manuscripts from the sale, among them the manuscript that now bears his name. He spent the next seven years attempting to interest scholars in deciphering the script while he worked to determine its origins.

The Voynich manuscript has been studied by many professional and amateur cryptographers, including American and British codebreakers from both World War I and World War II. No one has yet succeeded in deciphering the text, and it has become a famous case in the history of cryptography. The mystery of the meaning and origin of the manuscript has excited the popular imagination, making the manuscript the subject of novels and speculation. None of the many hypotheses proposed over the last hundred years has yet been independently verified.

And now, in the interests of illumination, I bring you a website where you can download The Voynich Manuscript in PDF form, for your own curiosity and attempted deciphering. It’s a really fascinating perusal, and the mysterious images and text within, though unreadable, are beautiful to view.

Download Link:

Coast to Coast AM with George Noory
Monday: Astrological Predictions/Demonic Oppression

In the first half, astrologer Mitchell Scott Lewis, who specializes in financial astrology and medical chart interpretation, discussed what he sees in charts for America, as well as what he sees coming in the year 2020. In the latter half, novelist Debbie Viguié spoke about her study of demons, and her passion for helping others to find freedom from their oppression and harassment.
Tuesday: Libertarian Issues/Templars in North America

Judge James P. Gray joined George in the first half to stump for the Libertarian party and explain why he thinks that its time has come. In the second half, Grand Archivist for the Canadian branch of the Knights Templar William F. Mann presented evidence of the Knights Templar in the New World long before Columbus, and secret settlements they built as they moved westward, leaving hidden treasure across North America.
Wednesday: World Instability/Secret Police

In the first half, author and adventurer Robert Young Pelton discussed the instability in the Middle East, various secret wars and conflicts, and the political climate in the United States. In the third hour, cyber technology expert Charles R. Smith talked about the FBI, as being “America’s secret police,” with a force of covert planes that employ “stingray” electronic surveillance. The last hour featured Open Lines.
Thursday: Self-Enrichment/Out-of-Body Travel

In the first half, chronicler of the occult and esoteric, Mitch Horowitz, discussed the “13 steps to riches” (from Napoleon Hill’s classic book Think and Grow Rich), why they work, and the one thing that people seeking prosperity must do. In the latter half, Director of the International Academy of Consciousness, Luis Minero, talked about the nature of out-of-body experiences.
Friday: Small Town Monsters

Film director and radio host Seth Breedlove joined George for a discussion on his investigations into strange Bigfoot-like creatures seen in small towns, such as the Minerva Monster, Beast of Whitehall, and the Boggy Creek Monster. Open Lines followed.

Paranormal Podcasts
Last Podcast on the Left: Bigfoot Hunters

It’s the strange and wonderful world of Bigfoot hunters this week as we cover hunting techniques (it’s all about the RIDGES), the legitimate-as-you-can-get Bigfoot Field Research Organization aka BFRO, and the definitely illegitimate Great American Field Research Organization aka GABFRO.

Paranormal Podcast: The Mandela Effect with Dave Schrader

Darkness Dave Schrader and Jim Harold talk about the mysterious “Mandela Effect” on this edition of The Paranormal Podcast.

The Paracast: July 17th, 2016

It’s shop talk time once again, as Gene and Chris take extra time to catch up on a host of subjects, including how to treat guests with wacky viewpoints, whether Chris is, of late, more accepting of a possible extraterrestrial solution to cattle mutilations, music and beliefs in UFOs, and strange sounds from time and space.

Mysterious Universe: 16.01

We return for a new podcast season with the latest Pokemon conspiracies, man-eating beasts, and tales from the windy city. A 94 year old former Navy Intelligence whistle-blower is our episode feature as we reveal his claims of ET involvement in the world of aerospace contractors and weapons developers.

Expanded Perspectives: The Disappearance of Michael Rockefeller

On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show by talking about two people in Oregon County, Mississippi say they came across an unknown animal that looked like a mix between a dog and a kangaroo. Then, an unusual story about a headless railway conductor. Then, a bio-engineer at Harvard a recently created a small robot stingray that contains real living cells. Then, numerous governments around the world are slowly coping with the idea that we have a right to know whether or not we are alone in the universe. After the break Cam brings up one of the strangest missing person stories of the 20th century.

Born in 1938, Michael Clark Rockefeller was the son of New York governor (and later Vice President) Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller, and was a fourth generation member of the Rockefeller family, one of the richest, most powerful, and influential families in America. Michael had long had a passionate interest in art, and in 1957 helped established the Museum of Primitive Art, the first museum solely dedicated to such art. He was also an adventurer at heart, and yearned to travel to faraway lands and meet exotic tribes. It was this profound interest in art and his desire to experience another world that would eventually bring Michael Rockefeller across the world to the remote, mysterious land of what was then Dutch New Guinea. While exploring in that area, he disappeared during an expedition in 1961, and no remains or other proof of his death have ever been discovered.

Skeptoid: Conjuring Up the Warrens

The Conjuring 2 tells a story that is fictional in a way you might not have guessed.

Thinking Sideways Podcast: The Disappearance of Rebecca Coriam

On March 22nd, 2011, Disney Wonder crew member Rebecca Coriam went missing. Disney’s handling of the case has been anything but perfect and speculation still swirls around the mysteriously upsetting phone call she had when she was last seen on CCTV.

Astonishing Legends: The Sludge Entity, Part 2

There’s no greater fear for a parent than their child being harmed and when that child faces a threat, they’ll do whatever they have to do to protect them, from this world into the next. Whatever that threat is, it had better beware.

Blurry Photos Podcast: The Dark Web

Time to log on and disappear, the boys of Blurry Photos are diving into the Dark Web! A part of our connected world that many don’t even think about, the Dark Web is full of urban legends and touted as being a seedy underworld haven for criminal activity. But how much of that is true and how much has been blown out of proportion? The Davids take a look at what the Dark Web truly is, what the difference is with the Deep Web, and what rumors are true or not. Is it something to be worried about? Do we need to protect our families and values because we love them and freedom? Brace yourselves – Bitcoins are involved and Flora gets a little… perturbed. Get on your hackerman gloves and flip back your mullet, this episode is going to get deep!

Bizarre States: Gloomy Sunday

Jess and Bowser are back this week to talk about a massive telescope in China, Pokemon Go, “Gloomy Sunday,” and listener mail!

Euphomet: Contact

On this edition we’re joined by writer and paranormal researcher Ryan Sprague and talk UFO’s and the concept of contact.

The Higherside Chats Podcast: Harry Hubbard | Ancient Map Mysteries, Phantom Islands, & The Hollow Earth

As with most of our guests, Harry Hubbard, asserts that today’s history books leave out large swaths of information. Since childhood, Harry has been interested in acutely observing historical documents, artifacts, and books. From the Hollow earth to the Burrows cave, he has a few theories based on the information he has gleaned.

The Dark Myths Collective:

We are a group of podcasters dedicated to producing high quality and emotionally power-packed listening experiences. While our shows span the full spectrum of genres from history to fiction to crime stories, what binds them together is that they explore the darker side. This allows you to cross genres and discover podcasts you might not have found.


Editor’s Note:
I don’t watch enough “Real” news to give any sort of enlightened commentary about the events of the past week, but I can say without any hesitation, that shit’s fucked. The Southern US is a fucking powder keg, Europe is getting shit on by crazy Muslims, and global weather patterns are goddamn upside down. And every First Worlder is ignoring the chaos surrounding them with motherfucking Pokemon.
We’re going to Hell in a handbasket; I guess you should at least enjoy the ride.

Until Next Time


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