Issue Thirty-One

Greetings, and welcome to The /x/ Files, the weekly news digest for 4chan’s Paranormal board. Every Sunday, we take a quick snapshot of the mysterious world around us and bring it, in an easily readable magazine format, to the board. I am The Editor, the anonymous creator of this idea and collector of the news that will be following below. In the interests of legitimacy, I will be using a secure tripcode to post the thread; once the posts are completed, I will take the tripcode off and return to my anonymity.

So E3 is a thing going on right now. My hopes aren’t high, to be honest. There’s nothing I’m really looking forward to playing. In the news, however, we got more Mad Scientist shit, and a couple of new archaeological discoveries of note. All that, along with the usual stuff, in Issue Thirty-Freaking-One of The /x/ Files!
Table of Contents:

1: Paranormal News of the Week
2: Radio Show Roundup
3: Paranormal Podcasts
4: Editor’s Note

Paranormal News of the Week
US Scientists to Grow Human Organs in Pigs

With waiting lists for some organs stretching back years, a team of scientists at the University of California, Davis are working to produce human-pig embryos known as chimeras which could one day be used to custom-grow replacement organs using the recipient’s own DNA.

The process begins by using a technique known as CRISPR gene editing to remove the DNA from a pig embryo that would enable the foetus to grow a specific organ such as a pancreas. This genetic ‘niche’ is then filled with human induced pluripotent (iPS) stem cells which, if all goes to plan, will eventually grow in to an actual human organ within the body of the fully-grown animal. “Our hope is that this pig embryo will develop normally but the pancreas will be made almost exclusively out of human cells and could be compatible with a patient for transplantation,” said reproductive biologist and study leader Pablo Ross.

The patient receiving the organ wouldn’t even need to use immunosuppressants. “The organ would be an exact genetic copy of your liver but a much younger and healthier version and you would not need to take immunosuppressive drugs,” said Professor Walter Low.

The research however has not been without a degree of controversy with some researchers warning that making a pig ‘more human’ could represent significant ethical concerns. There are even claims that some of the human cells could migrate to the animal’s brain. “We think there is very low potential for a human brain to grow, but this is something we will be investigating,” said Ross.

Full Story:
500-year-old Shipwreck Found in the Desert

Diamond miners from the DeBeers company have found a shipwreck laden with gold after draining a lagoon on Africa’s Skeleton Coast. In what has been described as one of the most significant shipwreck discoveries in recent memory, archaeologists have uncovered $13,000,000 of gold coins amongst the wreckage of the Bom Jesus, a ship which set sail from Lisbon in 1533 and disappeared with its entire crew on board near the Namibian diamond mining town of Oranjemund, on the way to India. The ship was also laden with other valuables such as tin, copper and ivory tusks.

Dr Dieter Noli from the Southern Africa Institute of Maritime Archaeological Research was called in to examine the site and quickly realised the Bom Jesus wreck was unique. “I knew that we had a ship from the early 16th century and that there would be a lot to find in very good [condition]. As luck would have it, we found the treasure chest on day six. A lot of stuff survived the 500 years on the bottom of the sea which should really not have done so.” Dr Noli believes the ship went down due to a combination of excess cargo and bad weather, although the true reason remains unknown.

Full Story:
Mysterious Monument Discovered in Ancient City of Petra

Well known for its incredible rock-cut architecture, the city of Petra, which was believed to have been founded around 2,300 years ago by the Nabataeans, is today visited by thousands of tourists each year and was named back in 2007 as one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. While much is known about the spectacular buildings of the city’s urban core, the surrounding area is still throwing up new discoveries and now, following a renewed investigation involving aerial drone photography and high-resolution satellite imagery, archaeologists have uncovered a vast ceremonial platform measuring around twice the width of an Olympic-size swimming pool.

Situated only half a mile from the city center, the new structure consists of a large platform with a smaller platform inside it as well as a row of columns where a large staircase once stood. It is quite unlike anything else ever found at the site and researchers believe that it was likely to have been used to conduct ceremonies that were attended by members of the public. “I’ve worked in Petra for 20 years, and I knew that something was there,” Christopher Tuttle, executive director of the Council of American Overseas Research Centers, told National Geographic. “But it’s certainly legitimate to call this a discovery.”

Full Story:
Scientists Turn Carbon Dioxide Into Stone

During a recent experiment in Iceland, scientists working with the Hellisheidi geothermal power plant outside Reykjavik combined waste CO2 with water to make a slightly acidic liquid that was then sent hundreds of metres down into the volcanic basalts that make up so much of the North Atlantic island. The low pH water worked to dissolve the calcium and magnesium ions in the basalts, which then reacted with the carbon dioxide to make calcium and magnesium carbonates. Even more impressive was the fact that this process took only a few months to occur.

“Of our 220 tonnes of injected CO2, 95% was converted to limestone in less than two years,” said study lead author Juerg Matter. “It was a huge surprise to all the scientists involved in the project, and we thought, ‘Wow! This is really fast’.”

So-called ‘carbon capture and storage’ solutions like this one could ultimately provide a way to help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide being released in to the atmosphere. “You can find basalts on every continent and, certainly, you can find them offshore because all the oceanic crust – so below the seafloor – is all basaltic rocks,” said Dr Matter. “In terms of the availability of basaltic rocks to take care of CO2 emissions globally – no problem.”

The Hellisheidi geothermal power station has now moved beyond the experiment, and is routinely injecting CO2 into the subsurface in larger quantities.

Full Story:

Coast to Coast AM with George Noory
Monday: Homeland Security Revelations/Bio-Communication

Philip Haney, a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security, joined WND editor Art Moore to discuss how after Haney’s sterling career at DHS, he was disciplined for investigating potential terrorists, including information that might have prevented the Boston Marathon bombing. In the latter half, doctor of cognition and neuroscience Gerald Epling talked about the powers of the mind.
Tuesday: Past Life Regression

Licensed marriage and family therapist Ann C. Barham discussed the power of past life regression therapy to unlock a healing pathway that can help resolve enduring personal issues. Open Lines followed.
Wednesday: Election Predictions/Spiritual Mind Development

In the first half, prophecy expert John Hogue returned to weigh in on the election cycle. In the latter half, alternative magazine publisher Colleen Mauro discussed her concept of ‘spiritual telepathy’ and shared ancient mind-training techniques that allow access to the wisdom and guidance of one’s own soul.
Thursday: Secret Space Program/Lost Treasures

In the first half, author and journalist Jim Marrs discussed the latest on the secret space program and alleged missions to Venus using covert technology. In the latter half, crime scene investigator and forbidden archaeology buff Paul Rimmasch updated his latest research on Montezuma’s lost treasure, the lost gold mines of the west, and the hidden history of the Aztecs.
Friday: Zozo & Ouija Boards

Leading paranormal expert Rosemary Ellen Guiley discussed how unsuspecting users of spirit boards have been pestered and attacked by a malevolent entity that calls itself Zozo. Open Lines followed.

Paranormal Podcasts
Last Podcast on the Left: The Hillside Stranglers, Part III: You Can Call Me Steve

The story of the Hillside Stranglers story comes to an end with Ken Bianchi in the spotlight, from his bungled final murders to the strange tale of hypnosis and fakery that followed.

Paranormal Podcast: All About Ouija

The world’s foremost expert on Ouija, Robert Murch, joins us to talk about the mystery of talking boards, their history and why Ouija boards are loved and hated by so many!

Mysterious Universe: 15.22

After returning home to find our new recording studio full of construction materials and lacking electricity, we manage to sneak our way into a borrowed studio from a local TV broadcaster to bring you more tales from Joshua Tree, California.

Expanded Perspectives: The Lost Tomb of King Arthur

The boys bring on acclaimed author Graham Phillips to talk about his latest book, The Lost Tomb of King Arthur, in which he presents compelling evidence that much of the Arthurian legend was actually based on historical places, people, and events.

Skeptoid: Dark Watchers

The true origins of the Dark Watchers, said to go all the way back to Chumash Indian stories.

Thinking Sideways Podcast: Rudolph Hess

In May 1941 Rudolf Hess, the 3rd most powerful man in Nazi Germany and a close friend of Hitler, climbed into a Messerschmidt Bf 110 fighter and flew solo to Scotland, with the avowed intent of single-highhandedly brokering a peace deal with Britain. Hitler was reportedly furious and felt betrayed, and issued an order for Hess to be shot on sight if he returned to Germany. Why did Hess fly to Scotland? And was Hitler really totally in the dark?

Astonishing Legends: The Delphos Ring

When it comes to the paranormal, people always say they want proof. Well, on Friday, November 2nd, 1971, evidence of what many believe to be “proof” of an Unidentified Flying Object touching down on the Johnson family farm in Delphos, Kansas appeared on the ground and would remain for a very long time. A crusty “ring” in the dirt and damage to the adjacent flora was left behind after the Johnsons described seeing a strange, brightly lit and noisy hovering craft of some kind leaving their property and disappearing into the night sky. This ring and the broken branches apparently in the path of this object would exhibit forensic properties that were not entirely explainable. The incident is still considered one of the best instances of a Close Encounter of the 2nd Kind: “A UFO event in which a physical effect is alleged.” Whatever it was that left whatever it left, we can be certain of this — Ron Johnson will always remember this 2nd of November.

Blurry Photos Podcast: The Codex Gigas

Grab your gloves and good luck charms as Blurry Photos dive into the Codex Gigas! Commonly called “The Devil’s Bible,” the Codex Gigas is a legendary medieval manuscript that’s huge, old, and… cursed? Flora and Stecco take a look at its interesting history as well as its contents and design. The real fun lies in the stories of its creation, however, and the picture of the devil that led to it’s nickname. Was it part of a dark pact, written in one night centuries ago?

Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know Podcast: Are There Secret Space Programs?

For millennia humankind has dreamed of reaching the heavens, and in recent decades several countries have begun turning these dreams into reality. Yet the path to the stars isn’t all altruism and noble scientific advancement — in fact, human activities in space have often been shrouded in secrecy, and the practice continues today.

The Dark Myths Collective:

We are a group of podcasters dedicated to producing high quality and emotionally power-packed listening experiences. While our shows span the full spectrum of genres from history to fiction to crime stories, what binds them together is that they explore the darker side. This allows you to cross genres and discover podcasts you might not have found.


Editor’s Note:

Until Next Time


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