Issue Twenty-Five

Greetings, and welcome to The /x/ Files, the weekly news digest for 4chan’s Paranormal board. Every Sunday, we take a quick snapshot of the mysterious world around us and bring it, in an easily readable magazine format, to the board. I am The Editor, the anonymous creator of this idea and collector of the news that will be following below. In the interests of legitimacy, I will be using a secure tripcode to post the thread; once the posts are completed, I will take the tripcode off and return to my anonymity.

It’s less spooky and more science-y this week, as we highlight remarkable news stories from the non-paranormal world, including what may be the first steps towards ridding the world of blindness. All this and more, in big old Issue 25 of The /x/ Files!
Table of Contents:

1: Paranormal News of the Week
2: Radio Show Roundup
3: Paranormal Podcasts
4: Editor’s Note

Paranormal News of the Week
New Gene Therapy Reverses Blindness

A genetic therapy has improved the vision of patients who would otherwise have gone blind. A clinical study by British scientists has shown that the improvement is long-lasting and so the therapy is suitable to be offered as a treatment. The researchers will apply for approval to begin trials to treat more common forms of blindness next year. The therapy involve injecting working copy of the gene into the back of the eyes to help cells regenerate.

The results of the therapy, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, have been tried out on 14 patients in the UK and 18 in the US, Canada and Germany over the past four and a half years.

“When I started my career as an eye surgeon when we had these patients that had inherited diseases, not only did we tell them nothing could be done but we would actually discharge them from the clinics,” Said Professor Robert MacLaren of Oxford University, the doctor leading the study. “We are now calling them back in to test them, to look at them in great detail because potential treatments are available. To treat a disease at the genetic level is surely the most efficient way of treating a disease, to prevent it from happening in the first place. We would like to develop treatments for more common forms of blindness and this may be available in the next five to 10 years,” he told BBC News.

Full Story:
4500 Year Old Mummy Found Near South American Pyramids

The mummy of a 4,500-year-old woman has been found by archaeologists who were working at Aspero, a Late Pre-ceramic site on the coast of Peru. Aspero is located a mere 14 miles from Caral, an ancient city and the location of some of the oldest pyramids ever discovered in the Americas. Radiocarbon analysis dated the mummy to around 2,500 BCE, the same time people of the region started building pyramids, but didn’t offer any information concerning the manner of the woman’s death. Scientists do know that human sacrifice was a rare occurrence within the Caral civilization.

Even though ancient Americans were raising pyramids and building cities at approximately the same time the Egyptians were building the monuments at Giza, much less is known about the ancient people of northern Peru, the Norte Chico as they’re known. Caral has a total of six huge platform mounds (also known as pyramids) as well as several sunken circular courts and giant hive-like buildings archaeologists believe served as homes. All of the findings at Caral point towards a complex society capable of undertaking large city projects.

In archaeological terms Norte Chico was a pre-ceramic society during the pre-Columbian Late Archaic; it had no visual art and absolutely no ceramics, just simple carved broaches and seashell necklaces.

Full Story:
Incredible New Jellyfish Species Discovered

Using a remotely operated vehicle (ROV), marine scientists dove to the deepest part of the world’s oceans, called the Mariana Trench; they were exploring the so-called Enigma Seamount (named for the lack of information scientists have on it) when they came upon a surreal-looking creature.

Video captured of the jellyfish reveals a stunning sight: The organism sports two sets of tentacles, long and short, that extend from its pulsating bell. When the long tentacles are extended outward, the jellyfish’s bell remains still. That feature, the researchers noted in a statement by NOAA, suggests the jellyfish is an ambush predator. From the looks of the jellyfish, the researchers identified it as belonging to the genus Crossota.

Scientists operating the ROV “Deep Discoverer” from aboard the research vessel Okeanos Explorer found the jellyfish on April 24th, at a depth of 12,140 feet. This was the fourth dive for the ROV, for the first leg of a mission called the 2016 Deepwater Exploration of the Marianas, a three-cruise expedition run by NOAA and partners with the goal of understanding the deep-water habitats in and around the Mariana Trench. This leg of the expedition is scheduled to end May 11, with the second leg slated for a May 20 departure, with the third leg set to begin June 17.

Full Story:
Half of Western European Men Descended From One Bronze Age “King”

Half of Western European men are descended from one Bronze Age ‘king’ who sired a dynasty of elite nobles which spread throughout Europe, a new study has shown. The monarch, who lived around 4,000 years ago, is likely to have been one of the earliest chieftains to take power in the continent. Although it is not known who he was, or where he lived, scientists say he must have existed because of genetic variation in today’s European populations. The study analysed sequence differences between the Y chromosomes of more than 1200 men from 26 populations around the world using data generated by the 1000 Genomes Project.

“In Europe there was huge population expansion in just a few generations. Genetics can’t tell us why it happened but we know that a tiny number of elite males were controlling reproduction and dominating the population,” Said Dr. Chris Tyler-Smith of the study. “Half of the Western European population is descended from just one man. We can only speculate as to what happened. The best explanation is that they may have resulted from advances in technology that could be controlled by small groups of men.”

Full Story:
Large Hadron Collider Sabotaged by Weasel

Cern spokesman Arnaud Marsollier says it has suspended operations on the Large Hadron Collider because a weasel invaded a transformer that helps power the machine and set off an electrical outage on Thursday, April 28th. The huge collider, which has undergone more than two years of upgrades to give it double the power, could even be out of action until mid-May.

The collider was in operation when scientists detected a “severe electrical perturbation.” When the machine shut down, investigators discovered the charred remains of the weasel next to a 66kV chewed cable which powers the equipment. A similar incident occurred in 2009, when the LHC was famously taken out of action by a bird dropping a piece of baguette into it.

The weasel did not survive.

Full Story:

Radio Show Roundup
Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

Monday: Negative Ions/Mediumship

In the first half, registered pharmacist and author Earl Mindell, PhD, discussed the healing power of negative ions, as well as the importance of vitamin and mineral supplementation. In the latter half, certified Spiritualist medium Elaine Kuzmeskus spoke about her clairvoyant impressions, as well as her research into the physical medium Mina or “Margery” Crandon, whom Houdini investigated.
Tuesday: Political Revelations/Working with Auras

In the first half, consultant and strategist Roger Stone, shared a variety of assertions about such political figures as LBJ, JFK, the Clintons, Ronald Reagan, and the Bush family. In the latter half, expert on auras, human energy and reincarnation, Dimitri Moraitis, discussed how to work with your body’s auric fields, and discover your own source of unlimited spiritual energy.
Wednesday: Sci-Fi Films

In the first half, Mr. Lobo, the host of Cinema Insomnia, a nationally syndicated show seen in over 30 television markets, discussed sci-fi and horror films, as well as his new channel for Roku TV, OSI 74. Open lines followed.
Thursday: Environment and Strange Military Encounters

On Thursday’s show, Linda Moulton Howe presented a report on oyster farms in the northeastern U.S. which are reporting that acidic ocean water is dissolving juvenile shells before they can grow to adulthood. Linda then shared her interview with psychiatrist Jim B. Tucker, who is studying children who have apparent memories of past lives. Next was a bizarre story of possible ancient structures in the Alaskan wilderness. Finally was an interview with an anonymous USAF crew chief who claims ongoing experiences with strange phenomena involving UFO sightings and apparent beings.
Friday: A Skeptic’s Take on the Paranormal

Professional paranormal investigator and feature columnist for Skeptical Inquirer science magazine, Joe Nickell, provided his skeptic’s take on the paranormal. Open lines followed.

Paranormal Podcasts
Last Podcast on the Left: Manifestos

Today on Last Podcast, we’re talking manifestos, from the pathetic mewlings of the world’s worst person, Elliot Rodger aka the Virgin Killer, to the somewhat-reasonable-if-he-didn’t-kill-four-people ramblings of former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner, plus some bonus Martian blowjobs thrown in for good measure.

Paranormal Podcast: Did Stanley Kubrick Fake The Moon Landing?

Jay Weidner joins us to discuss his theory that legendary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick helped NASA fake the Apollo 11 moon landing.

The Paracast: May 1st, 2016

Micah Hanks, of The Gralien Report, joins us to talk about a host of topics of interest to us today. First, we look at UFOs, and why old classification systems, in a world of drones and digital imagery, may need to be revamped. Refreshing our mindset about UFOs, Hanks also discusses what evolution may have to do with the way such things are perceived, and even why some may be prone toward a skeptical mindset about them. Also of interest, particularly in an election year, is the subject of secret groups and organizations, and the way they influence current events and world happenings.

Mysterious Universe: 15.16

This week saw the international release of the Swedish documentary “Ghost Rockets” which follows Clas Svahn and the team from UFO-Sweden in their field investigations of the phenomenon. Svahn joins us to discuss his research of the bizarre sightings of missile like objects seen over Swedish skies and his search for their material evidence.

Expanded Perspectives: The River

On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start out talking about how it’s incredible that it escaped notice for so long, but scientists have just discovered a massive, 9,500 square-kilometer reef system at the mouth of the Amazon river. Then, Jonathan Bloch at the University of Florida, Gainesville, and his colleagues have been studying 21-million-year-old sediments in Panama that were deposited on the North American side before the isthmus formed. Next, a sighting of a Leprechaun back in 2013 near Detroit is described and a Dogman sighting in Pennsylvania from 1976 is discussed. Finally, Hillary Clinton says that if elected President of the United States, she will look into the UFO phenomenon. After the break Cam talks about a strange river in Australia and the odd events surrounding it.

Skeptoid: Demythologizing the Shaolin Monks

Myth and pseudohistory plague this ancient Chinese school. Is there any truth left?

Thinking Sideways Podcast: The disappearance of Amelia Earhart & Fred Noonan

On July 2, 1937, Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan left Papua New Guinea in a twin-engine Lockheed airplane, bound for Howland Island, a tiny island 2,550 miles to the east. They were never seen again, and speculation as to their fate continues to this day.

Astonishing Legends: The Somerton Man Mystery, Part 2B

We conclude our interview with Professor Derek Abbott in Part 2B of The Somerton Man series, where we learn that when you engage a mystery, the mystery can engage you.

Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know Podcast: What Are the Primary Elections?

To outside observers, the US primary elections can seem pretty confusing. So how do political parties use this system to select candidates – and why do critics feel the process is so corrupt?

The Dark Myths Collective:

We are a group of podcasters dedicated to producing high quality and emotionally power-packed listening experiences. While our shows span the full spectrum of genres from history to fiction to crime stories, what binds them together is that they explore the darker side. This allows you to cross genres and discover podcasts you might not have found.

Editor’s Note:

I’ve recently discovered a new website that has a whole portfolio of podcasts dedicated to the paranormal, mythology, weird/alternate history, true crime, and more. It’s called the Dark Myths Collective. They’ve got over two dozen different podcasts to check out, so rather than attempt to add that many to the weekly summary, I’m going to just add the link to the end of each podcasts section.


Until Next Time


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