Issue Twenty-Four

Greetings, and welcome to The /x/ Files, the weekly news digest for 4chan’s Paranormal board. Every Sunday, we take a quick snapshot of the mysterious world around us and bring it, in an easily readable magazine format, to the board. I am The Editor, the anonymous creator of this idea and collector of the news that will be following below. In the interests of legitimacy, I will be using a secure tripcode to post the thread; once the posts are completed, I will take the tripcode off and return to my anonymity.

Slow news week again. It’s hard to publish a news magazine without news, but hey, I gotta do what I can, you know?
Table of Contents:

1: Paranormal News of the Week
2: Radio Show Roundup
3: Paranormal Podcasts
4: Editor’s Note

Paranormal News of the Week
Huge Coral Reef Found Off the Coast of Brazil

A 600-mile-long coral reef at the mouth of the Amazon river has taken scientists completely by surprise. Stretching from French Guiana to Brazil’s Maranhao state, the remarkable discovery was made entirely by accident during efforts to look for new oil drilling sites in the region. The find was particularly unexpected because large rivers tend to create gaps in reef systems where coral is unable to grow and there had been no evidence of corals thriving in muddy, sediment-filled waters like those typically found at the mouth of the Amazon.

In a new paper released on Thursday, scientists studying the new reef have identified at least 60 unique species of sponges, 73 species of fish and several types of lobsters and other marine life. “I was flabbergasted, as were the rest of the 30 oceanographers,” said co-author Patricia Yager. “Traditionally, our understanding of reefs has focused on tropical shallow coral reefs which harbor biodiversity that rivals tropical rainforests.”

Full Story:
Scientists Find First Ever Fossilized Heart

The fossil organ was discovered inside the remains of a fish specimen dating back 119 million years. Finding any sign of preserved soft tissues in a prehistoric animal fossil is a rare thing indeed, but to find the animal’s internal organs still intact is something that happens only once in a blue moon. Now palaeontologists have found something so rare that this is in fact the first time that anyone has ever discovered one – a perfectly preserved fossilized heart unearthed at a formation site in Brazil.

Like most soft tissues the heart does not preserve well so such levels of preservation typically only occur under very specific conditions such as if the animal had been buried in a mudslide. The remarkable organ, which was found inside the fossil remains of a fish called Rhacolepis, is now offering scientists a rare opportunity to study the evolution of the heart over millions of years.


Radio Show Roundup
Coast to Coast AM with George Noory
Monday: Microbes & Nature/Titanic & Hiroshima

In the first half, Professor of geomorphology at the University of Washington, David R. Montgomery, and biologist Anne Bikle addressed the latest scientific discoveries and theories surrounding the microbial world. In the latter half, scientist, explorer, and author Charles Pellegrino discussed both his research on the sinking of the Titanic, and the science behind the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Tuesday: OKC Bombing & Timothy McVeigh/Banshees & Creatures

In the first half, freelance investigative researcher Wendy S. Painting, PhD, and writer/producer Holland Van den Nieuwenhof discussed their extensive research into the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and Timothy McVeigh, revealing startling new biographical details about McVeigh, and the stark contradictions and errors contained in previous depictions of the ‘All-American Terrorist.’ In the latter half, author and curator Varla Ventura spoke about the folklore of banshees, werewolves, faeries, and other creatures of the night.
Wednesday: Aging & Plastic Surgery/Open Lines

In the first half, Board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Tony Youn, discussed solutions to beauty and aging problems, as well as the many surgeries and cases he’s worked on. Open lines followed.
Thursday: Fukushima & Preparedness/Rock Star Deaths

In the first half, author and mechanical engineer, Matthew Stein discussed the ongoing debacle of Fukushima – including background radiation rising, food chain contamination, and the targeting of whistleblowers. In the second half, on the evening of Prince’s death, rock historian R. Gary Patterson talked about the lore, mysteries, and conspiracies surrounding rock star deaths.
Friday: Unexplained Creatures/Open Lines

In the first half, Linda Godfrey, authority on anomalous animals and paranormal phenomena, talked about unexplained otherworldly creatures. Open lines followed.

Paranormal Podcasts
Last Podcast on the Left: Aum Shinrikyo Part IV: A Billionaire’s Testicles

On this, the final part of our four part series, we cover the ramp up to the attack, the day of terror experienced by the people of Tokyo, and the aftermath, which was almost an even deadlier disaster.

Paranormal Podcast: Real Visitors with Brad Steiger

The legendary Brad Steiger joins us to talk about all things paranormal including his latest work.

The Paracast: April 24th, 2016

Gene and Chris observe the passing of Albert K. Bender, once a UFO researcher who was instrumental in establishing the legend of the Men In Black in the early 1950s, a topic that has infused our popular culture and resulted in three blockbuster sci-fi films starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones. The guest panel includes Nick Redfern, a prolific author of books on UFOs and the paranormal, some of which have focused on the MIB, and cutting-edge commentator Greg Bishop, of “Radio Misterioso.”

Mysterious Universe: 15.15

After we speculate on the incoming Augmented Reality revolution and Google’s potential plans to establish a ‘breakaway civilisation’ we head into the Australian wilderness for signs of the elusive Yowie. Dan speaks to key experts and eyewitnesses of the local ‘Bigfoot’ phenomenon before interviewing Oxford universities Bryan Sykes about his recent, ground breaking Yeti research.

Expanded Perspectives: The Vampire of Cinkota

On this episode the guys start off by talking about how radioactive boars are running wild and breeding uncontrollably, in the region of Japan contaminated by the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Then, a new 3D printing technique from MIT’s Computer Science Laboratory has allowed researchers to print all of the parts of a robot at the same time. Then, a Netherlands witness at Soesterberg recalled a UFO encounter in the military from 1991 that left him traumatized. Then, the “Wow!” Signal – researcher Antonio Paris thinks that it could have been two previously unknown comets. Then, a man claims he recently saw an 8-foot bipedal creature in Southeast Australia, and the world’s largest Stone Sphere was just discovered in Bosnia. After the break we talk about one of the most bizarre cases simply known as The Vampire of Cinkota. Bela Kiss was a Hungarian serial killer. He is thought to have murdered at least 24 young women and attempted to pickle them in giant metal drums that he kept on his property.

Skeptoid: All About Absinthe

This mysterious alcoholic drink is the subject of more urban legends than any other liquor.

Thinking Sideways Podcast: The Death of Kurt Cobain

When Kurt Cobain was found dead by a shotgun wound, police immediately classified it a suicide. However, the case is more complex than anyone could have anticipated, rife with suspicion and fear.

Astonishing Legends: The Somerton Man Mystery, Part 2A

As with any great mystery, it can turn some individuals into steadfast researchers and citizen detectives, dedicating years to a quest for answers. We were lucky enough to interview one such person, Professor Derek Abbott of the University of Adelaide in Australia. In addition to teaching Electrical Engineering at the University, Professor Abbott also has a background in Physics, biomedical engineering, complex systems, and probability theory, which can involve the fields of cryptography and forensics. He first became interested in the Somerton Man case around 1995, and then fully immersed himself in an effort to crack the cryptography aspect in 2007, even enlisting the aid of some of his students as a school project. In Part Two of our series, Professor Abbott gives us an overview of the story, then shares some of his findings and conclusions.

Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know Podcast: What are Djinn?

Forget everything you learned about ‘genies’ from Aladdin – tales of the Jinn, also called Djinn, are ancient and not at all as family-friendly as Disney might have you believe. So what are these mysterious creatures, exactly? Join the guys as they delve into the strange story of smokeless fire, parallel worlds and hidden, sentient life.


Editor’s Note:

Until Next Time


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